About me

I’m so happy you’re here to share in my weird little world. So we can get to know each other a bit better, here are 12 weird facts about me.

1. I love, love, love cartoons. If I could live in a cartoon world I’d find it hard to choose between The Land of Oo and Bikini Bottom. Although I love the Regular Show I’m not sure I’d cope, especially as they end up living inside the dome in outer space.

2. I’ve been a fan of wrestling – the WWE kind – since I was a kid. When I was little the women were at first invisible and later add ons to the main event. I absolutely love now that they’re taking centre stage. Their athleticism is incredible and they’re awesome.

3. When I was little I read a book about a girl who could do witchy-style magic and I collected my toenail cuttings for a spell. I have no idea what spell I thought I could do with just toenail cuttings but at least they were easy to come by!

4. I’m not a big fan of parties in general but have a major fear of dressing up in a costume. You want to freak me out then ask me to go to a fancy dress party. (This, and not my lack of athletic ability, is the real reason I never became a wrestler!)

5. When I was in grade 5 (about 8 or 9 years old) my teacher set the class an assignment to write a novel. Mine was about 2 friendly vampires who wanted to go to Disneyland. It had some quite bad illustrations. Although I never finished it I still have the original book.

Mordecai hanging out in my garden.
Mordecai hanging out in my garden.
Detail from my much loved t-shirt.

6. I cannot click my fingers. Hundreds have tried to help me perform this simple task. All have failed.

7. When I was around 12 years old my grandmother paid for me to have elocution lessons (she thought I sounded a bit too bogan). At the end of the year the elocution students put on a play. I was given the only non-speaking part, which was, weirdly enough, a vampire.

8. On a free-dress (mufti) day at my all-girl high school, me and a group of friends decided to come to school in our pyjamas. For reasons that are still a mystery to me, this behaviour was considered outrageous.

9. When I was a kid my dreams were an ongoing adventure series. The hero was a boy named Brossi and the villains were 3 creatures who could spurt whipped cream from their armpits. Which explains my lifelong disgust for whipped cream.

10. I still have a t-shirt from when I was around 6 or 7 years old. It’s black with yellow trim and has a plastic gorilla on it. I will have it until the day I die.

11. I didn’t have my first real kiss with a boy until I was 16. Embarrassingly, he pointed out my poor technique.

12. When I was very small, so I’m told, I had an imaginary friend, a tiger that lived in the back shed. When I grew up and learned about Chinese astrology I found out I was born in the year of the tiger. Coincidence or not??

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