Dirt Circus League news

Finally I have some news on my upcoming young adult novel, Dirt Circus League.

Well, sort of.

Dirt Circus League to be published April 2021

Like a lot of books that were originally going to be published in 2020 the date for Dirt Circus League’s release has been pushed to 2021.

I’m a little disappointed. But in some ways I’m relieved.

This year has been hectic enough with everything going on (you KNOW what I’m talking about) that the later publishing date gives me a bit more breathing space.

What about the cover?

I’m desperate to see what the designer comes up with for the cover of Dirt Circus League.

I have absolutely no idea what it might look like.

But I hope to be able to see a draft cover in August and, with any luck, reveal the cover in October this year.

What's happening with Dirt Circus League now?

I’m currently smack bang in the middle of a major edit of Dirt Circus League.

My wonderful editor crossed out many, many (so many) words.

But her advice is always spot on and I know she’s going to help me make it the best book it can be.

I’ll send her the edited manuscript in a couple of months and then she’ll send me back more edits to review. 

Hopefully, in the next round there won’t be as many sentences crossed out!

I can't wait...

… to see Dirt Circus League in bookstores and in readers’ hands. 

Until then, I’ll work hard on the manuscript and post updates on its progress.

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